Thursday 9 July 2020
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Get acquainted with your chariot board

Your space board is your friend and you need to get acquainted with it; the faster you get acquainted with it, it will be easier to get comfortable with it. There are lots of wrong steps which are followed by the riders as they do not understand that certain components are important to learn and realize before going through the product and riding over it.

  1. A slight touch of nervousness will be understood by the board. So, confidently, calmly and coolly get on the board. Keep your feet straight and down on the board, without moving it. Keep your upper body relaxed and you can keep your hands folded in and your head straight with your torso erect. Do not bend forward or backward or try to move your head or crane it unnecessarily. Moving your shoulder will alert the pedals of the hover board and you will go all off balance and that can seriously injure you to the core.Image result for Get acquainted with your chariot hover board
  2. You need to follow the user manual provided with the space chariot hover boards. Those instructions are not for casual expression but, to be taken seriously. If not followed, the rider might harm him or herself badly and even cause death in some cases. So, following the instructions given in the user manual will be really helpful.

Two basic steps which you should follow with the board

The basic instructions which any rider whether experienced or not should go through are as follow:-

  1. You need to get started the moment after you receive your product; the whole system needs time to be understood and get acquainted with. The faster you get closer to the product, the faster you will be able to go through the parts and components of the chariot board.
  2. The board is easy to ride; but, sometimes, even the experienced one need to get acquainted with. Once you open the cover you will be able to go through the chariot board with all the properties included in it. You need to go through the instructions and try to put together the space chariot board.

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