Friday 5 March 2021
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How to Make the Most of Golf in Hot and Sunny Weather Conditions?

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Weather is a factor to consider before playing golf. In other words, making necessary adjustments to the shots on wetter conditions on the fairway, or windy in the air. But it is also essential to make sure you are ready for hot and sunny conditions on the golf course and without being prepared, it could actually be life threatening. Here is how to make the most of the game in the sun responsibly, according to Golf 365.

  • Always carry and apply sunscreen at regular intervals

Being overexposed to UV rays can damage the skin. Protecting your exposed skin is important no matter how tolerant your skin is in any weather condition. Apply sunscreen to your exposed skin before and during your round at regular intervals as well as even after you are done with the round. Always keep in mind to also apply sunscreen to your ears and face, particularly if you are wearing a cap.

  • Check the weather forecast

It may look like a sunny day but is scalding hot out there. Many places are prone to rainfall in any weather condition and the last thing you want is a wet golf course. Even if there is a slight chance of rainfall, never keep the brolly in the car. Always take it with you. It will protect you in the case of rain and will also provide shade if the sun is too warm. If the forecast says thunderstorm, don’t wait till the rain starts. Take cover immediately and stay off the course.

  • Carry plenty of fluids with you

Don’t underestimate the value of fluids a human body needs to function smoothly in hot weather. One small bottle of drink is simply not enough for a rough round in warmer conditions. Equip your golf bag with plenty of fluids before the round begins or if there are any drinks available, have them. Rehydrate at any chance you get as you will be losing a lot of water via sweating on the course and it can affect your ability to play if you dehydrate.

  • If you have fair skin or can easily get burned, cover yourself up

Shorts are good for fair skinned, but if you burn easily, then cover your legs. Leave the shorts and don a pair of natural trousers so that legs are the least of your concerns from getting burned. Also, keep applying sunscreen often.

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