Thursday 9 July 2020
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Netball is one of the Most Social Games that you can Play

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When you want to get fit, sometimes going for a game of five-a-sides can feel too competitive. Some people take it too seriously, and you can find that this has a negative impact on your overall enjoyment of the game. If you feel like this is the case, then we recommend that you keep reading on.

We want you to enjoy your time on court, so let’s take a look at some of the most useful solutions that you can use to keep yourself happy and positive about your progress on a netball court. It might not work for everyone, but most people will find some kind of positive bonus comes from trying to implement the following:

  • Always remember that you are here to have fun. Having a bad game where nothing comes off? Don’t let it ruin your night. Keep moving around and use it as a good workout; you’ll need to work harder without the ball to make up for your poor night on it, so at least use the experience to up your strength and stamina if nothing else!
  • Also, at the same time, remember that you are always trying to improve. This means not letting those bad nights where you play terribly to put you off. You aren’t too bad to play; you just had a bad night. Look at where you went wrong and how you might improve so that you can build up the most easy-going way to appreciate the progress you do make.
  • Never allow yourself to get drawn into excessive competitiveness. You are here to have fun and to build up stamina and fitness; if you treat it like a job, you’ll hate it. Always make sure that you remind yourself before you head out onto the court that you are here to have fun first and foremost, and win second.
  • Many people make the mistake of playing social netball in leagues that are beyond them. We want you to make sure you have the best time possible by investing as much effort as you can into building a more proactive, positive approach to life. Join a league that fits your personality and your performance capabilities. What good is it if you put yourself out there and you go into a league that is going to make you look out of your depth while letting the rest of the team down?
  • Give yourself the help that you need to fully appreciate and understand this by working towards a league that is suited to your kind of play. It’s easier to have fun and to feel like you are improving when you do not go that one step too far ahead.

Take it slow, appreciate the physical gains you get from playing social netball games in London and just enjoy yourself. There’s no reason why you should turn what is a workout and a bit of light-hearted fun among friends into anything excessive and serious. In time, you should fee far more capable of enjoying yourself when taking part in social netball events, provided you pick the right circumstance!


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