Thursday 9 July 2020
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5 Essential Things to Check While Buying a Longboard

Longboards, which are similar in appearance to skateboards, tend to come in varied sizes and shapes. Longboard for dancing boards tend to be the most popular. These are mainly designed to allow riding in high speed and can be described best as surfboards meant for street riding. Due to the higher weight, longboards can be used to achieve higher momentum – which makes slalom racing or downhill racing more convenient. The unique design allows riders to carve or take turns more easily, although they need to wear knee and elbow pads and a helmet in order to keep themselves protected. When you are thinking of buying a longboard, you need to check at least 5 essential things to ensure that you are making the best choices.

Longboard wheels

Wheels for longboards tend to differ in hardness and size. Generally, longboard wheels are extremely soft. Softer wheels are able to grip the riding surface more conveniently, this providing a smoother experience to riders while longboarding. While you are sliding, you will find softer wheels to be serving you better. These act more like brakes than wheels of harder nature, although this comes at the expense of wheels. As compared to hard wheels, softer wheels do not last for a long time. But it is the softer wheels which allow longboards to easily cruise over small debris and cracks on the road or sidewalk. Generally, wheels are between 65 and 85 cm in diameter although there can be a variation in the sizes.Image result for 5 Essential Things to Check While Buying a Longboard

Longboard deck

A longboard deck is another thing that you will require. Loaded longboards is the only company that makes amazing decks. You may purchase a loaded board completely assembled, although some buyers prefer to assemble boards on their own. Make sure that you know about various kinds of flex that are offered by the agency. Otherwise, your ride quality and experience will be impacted. Keep in mind that these decks are available in varied shapes, which include flat nose, pintail and drop through shapes.

Longboard trucks

You should also choose a set of good longboard trucks. There are various truck sets to be found, and you should try these in order to find out those which are most suitable for you. The majority of stores have the trucks needed for the installation of boards. In case you are unable to have them tested, you can consider purchasing some wide sized trucks. These can be replaced always in future.

Longboard hangers

It is the trucks which allow proper steering of longboards, and they consist of a base plate which can be attached the hangers to which longboard wheels are affixed or screwed to the bottom of the deck. Hangers can be found in varied lengths to make allowance for larger wheels or wider decks.

Longboard bearings

The majority of longboard bearings is constructed out of steel and is seen to be fitted within the wheels, thus letting them spin easily on the axle. You can also find bearings made of ceramic which offer less amount of friction, although these are costlier to buy.

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