Saturday 15 August 2020
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Exotic Horse Bets You Can Make On Bet 365

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If you are going to regularly make bets on horse racing on bet365, you may want to consider some of the ideas for common horse bets that you can make within the system. There are a number of betting options that you may not have heard of in other sports. Here is some of the terminology that is commonly used amongst bet365 and horse racing:

Lucky 15: This is a 15 bet section that includes four sections in different racing events. This bet involves picking 4 singles, 1 four fold, six doubles and four troubles. If one of your selections wins you may be able to get a small payout back. If everything happens to win you can often see a huge return of up to five times your initial bet or more. Lucky 15 bets are fairly risky but if you bet low and somehow get it right it is possible to see some huge profits for very little buy in.

Yankee: Bet365 sometimes features specialty Yankee bats which are made up of 11 bets that happen across four different races. This is an accumulator that also includes four trebles, six doubles. In order to see any kind of return from this bet, you need to get at least two of the selections right within the bet. Yankee is like a lower stakes version of the Lucky 15.

Patent: This is a 7 bet style horse racing bet. It involves making three different selections on horse races and includes one treble, 3 doubles. If you can get at least one selection right within this 7 bet, you will see some type of return.

Trixie: This is another exotic horse racing bet that includes four bets along three selections. Usually it’s made up of one treble and three doubles. Two of the selections need to happen for you to win one of these bets and with only a few conditions it’s one of the lowest risk exotic bets to make on bet365.

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