Wednesday 27 January 2021
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How to Catch Largemouth Bass

fisherman holding  large mouth bass for release closeup

fisherman holding large mouth bass for release closeup

Bigmouth Bass or large-mouth are North Americas most popular game fish in and are found in all states except Alaska. They are subject to innumerable fishing fairs, magazine feature articles, guide books, etc. Tackle companies in America and also Japan pour more money into lures and tackle for these fish far more than any other.

Largemouth bass can reach weights of more than 20 pounds, but very few fish approach this size. The existing world record sits at 22 pounds, 4 ounces, a record which stood unbeaten over 77 years until eventually it tied in 2011. Any bass of more than 6 pounds is usually female. The averages bass caught are maybe about 2lbs.

Anyone who knows anything about bass fishing is aware of the fact that in order to catch fish, especially Largemouth Bass, you need to know where they feed, the foods they pursue (eg, small birds, frogs, snakes, etc.) they like to be in the thick weeds and grasses that grow near the shore. Unlike many fish, the warm water near the shore does not bother these fish, so that is the place where you will probably find them. To catch largemouth bass, follow these strategies for good fishing day.

If you love going to deeper water for fishing largemouth bass, you can use largemouth bass lures efficient for deeper water such as jigging spoons with pork rind. Plastic worms, lead-heads, and other soft-bodied fishing lures are also excellent for deep sea bass fishing. You can as well explore deep diving crankbait and rattle traps in deep water fishing.

Largemouth Bass like plastic worms. Buy a range of colors from clear to bright and in varying shades. If the fish does not seem to be biting on one color then switch to something lighter and if they still do not bite, choose a worm that is darker than the original. In general, it depends on the color of the water, the time of day and the temperature, you can check a fishing online store for more information.

They also like artificial or natural structure, so look for them around treefall, rock formations, and jetty pylons. Largemouth Bass also like lots of weed, so keep your eyes out for a variety of places. They like it cool, fish early in the day if possible. If the sun is high, aim for shaded areas.

Largemouth Bass like shallow and deep water. Keep a variety of deep-diving fishing lures and surface lures in the tackle box depending on the time of day, currents and temperature. Largemouth Bass like baitfish, Look out for flocks of birds diving. Quite often where you find one, you will find the other.

They like it quiet. Fish in areas away from frenzied activity or at dawn before activities commence. Keep in mind that some activities can be a bonus as they wake from passing boats can wash out the baitfish from its hiding places in the rocks and, therefore, attract the bass.

Nevertheless, you should also bear in mind that the efficiency of your largemouth bass lures may depend on its quality and how you use it effectively. Do not let the lure do everything for you.

You must determine what type of fishing lure is best for certain time and situations and, of course, practice in using the lures can play an important role in making it effective and in making yourself a wise largemouth bass fishing enthusiasts.

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