Saturday 15 August 2020
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Types of pickle ball paddles

Pickle ball is an interesting game that is played with the help of a paddle. The ball is hit to the other side of the court using these paddles. These paddles are made of different style and material. Each of them offers its own benefit. There are many types of paddles available in the market. If you are thinking of buying a suitable paddle for yourself then you can visit for more details or you can consider following types for your better understanding.

Graphite paddles: Graphite paddles have honeycomb structure in the interior which acts as a base for graphite layer which cover the interior. This graphite layering is done on both the faces of paddle. Graphite layer makes the paddle light weight as well as strong for better hitting impact.Related image

Composite paddles: Composite paddles are made using material that is used in manufacturing of aero space equipments. These paddles are also light in weight and provide strength to your shots. These paddles are also great for playing pickle ball.

Wooden paddles: As the name suggests, wooden paddles are made using wood which was the first ever material that is used to manufacture racquets or paddles. These paddles are perfect for those who have just started to play this game and like to play with heavy paddles.

Aluminum core paddles: These paddles are advanced paddles that are made using Aluminum core. Aluminum is light in weight and hard in strength. These aluminum combed paddles are well known for their hitting power. They are also very comfortable to play with. They make it easy for the player to swing then in both ways.

Edgeless paddles: Edgeless paddles are basically graphite and composite paddles that comes without any kind of edge to their hitting surface. There are zero chances of miss hitting with these edgeless paddles.

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