Saturday 24 July 2021
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How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Running

Don’t use normal sunglasses for running. They are uncomfortable and they are not all that effective. On this page, we are going to help you to choose the best possible sunglasses for running, completely hassle free!

Firstly, you are going to want to think about the conditions that you are running in. This will dictate the colour of the lens:

  • Darker tints are going to be ideal for bright and sunny conditions. If you regularly run during the summer, then this is the route that you are going to want to go down.
  • Golden tints: these are for situations where you will be running at night. This is because they filter out blue light. This will make it a whole lot easier to traverse the train.
  • Polarized lens: these are great for bright conditions, particularly if you are running through sunny areas. They are not quite as good to use during the night.
  • Mirrored lens: if you are running in an area where sunlight bounces off of the ground, then this is the route that you will want to go down. It reduces glare.
  • Clear: if it is dark or windy. They provide protection from the wind. They will not provide that much protection from the sunlight.Image result for How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Running

When you are purchasing running sunglasses, then you will want to ensure that they are rated to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. If they do not, then they are not good sunglasses at all. Your eyes will not be protected. In addition to this, you will want to ensure that there is ventilation on the sunglasses. You will be working up a sweat while you are running, so you want to make sure that the sweat is not going to stick to you.

Running sunglasses also need to be made of a shatter-resistant material. If you are running intensively, then those sunglasses are going to fall off eventually. You do not want to buy an expensive pair of sunglasses only to have them pop off your head and shatter on the floor. This isn’t the best thing in the world. Polycarbonate is a route to go down here.

Finally, pick sunglasses which have been rated for running. They will have special features in place which will ensure that they do not fall off. At the very minimum, you are going to want them to have adjustable earpieces so that they will be able to fit on your head perfectly. Most running sunglasses will have some sort of grip around the nose piece which should stop the sunglasses from falling off of your head.

Remember, even if you bear all of this in mind, you are still going to want to end up with a decent pair of sunglasses for running. This means reading through as many reviews as you possibly can. If something has a plethora of negative reviews, then you are probably going to want to avoid it!

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