Saturday 15 August 2020
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Jordan York has something great to offer for South Beach and Pittsburgh

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing, but in South Beach/Pittsburgh, the next big thing is already here. Jordan York has successfully combined his passion for sports and gifting for music to creatively collaborate with multiple athletes to tell their story through hip-hop music. York has recently released his first single on YouTube which details the rise of professional soccer players Calvin and Conner Rezende who currently play for Miami FC. The compilation entitled “We Can Dream” does an outstanding job communicating the life and times of young Brazilian boys and their aspirations to play professional soccer.

York’s video features the brothers, but also highlights astounding musical acumen respective to the genre of music as well as an ability to accurately portray his vision for not only what the story is, but what it should like in a music video.

York further displays his versatility in the rap game, with a more lighthearted track “Sports Center and Chill” also on YouTube. This track further details York’s passion for sport and music and his ability to combine the two for the sake of entertainment. York’s ability to partner with local professional athletes and help them tell their story through music is a revolutionary idea, that can reach the masses. There are no two outlets in the world that can unite cultures together more than sports and music and York clearly has his ability to do this well. The only question now, is when can we look forward to York’s next track.

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