Wednesday 12 December 2018
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Recurve Crossbow vs Compound Crossbow: What You Did Not Know


A hunter is as good as his crossbow. In simple terms, preparing for a big hunt means that the right paraphernalia must be in place. There are so many types of crossbows in stores all designed to handle various types of hunting missions and that is how to begin to prepare for a hunt.

Basically, there are two main types of crossbows namely the recurve crossbow and the compound crossbow. The recurve crossbow dates back to so many years ago in history and has managed to serve efficiently to date. The main difference between the two types of crossbows is that the recurve crossbow is wider from one axle to the other while the compound crossbow is a bit narrower. Since the crossbow has been in the hunting archery since back in the days, it is more of a technical device yet very powerful. The only disadvantage it has is that it has much weight and according to hunting archery, this can cause a little problem especially when still aiming the prey. It is easy to loose balance and miss the shot. Another disadvantage it has is that is slow in terms of loading it up and cocking hence it is highly recommended for someone who has experience with it.

On the other side, compound crossbow is the improvement of the recurve crossbow. This modernized hunting device has been designed to bring simplicity and efficiency in hunting archery. With a short distance between the axles, the compound crossbow is smaller and even lighter. Although the compound crossbow is described as the newer version of the recurve crossbow, the way it is designed somehow alters the whole idea as it is usually fitted with pulleys and other parts which can actually interfere with its shooting but this is not a likely occurrence.

For a first timer, it is highly recommended that before going to hunt, take some shooting practice. This will help to avoid some of the accidents that occur when handling these crossbows. For example, firing without loading the crossbow with an arrow can spoil a crossbow. This is a scenario very common with the recurve crossbows as the modern compound crossbows are fitted with other additional parts that do not allow the crossbow to fire without an arrow. 

The number one thing to remember when handling crossbows is safety. Crossbows are very lethal and must be handled with caution. A simple mistake can lead to it getting jammed or worse.

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