Saturday 24 July 2021
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What Is Way of Wade


The name Dwayne Wade needs absolutely no introduction. A professional career as an NBA player that has spanned over 16 years now that sees him as the 10th highest scorer in the history of the NBA, it is not at all surprising to know that the superstar has a whole line and market of shoes that define the lifestyle of the current Miami Heat Point Guard. The series in itself is a perfect reflection of the type of shoes that 13 times NBA All-Star winner uses on the court. Such a huge name in the basketball world with his own lineup of accessories is sure bound to garner a lot of duplicates and second copies in the market branded as an original. So, if a pair of wade sneakers are currently on your list of wants, do visit once for we have been collaborating with Dwayne Wade ever since 2013.


With the latest series and edition of wade shoes now out in the market- Way of Wade 7, let us take a quick peek and analyze whether or not a Wade shoe is actually worth it or not-

  • The Way of Wade 7 sneakers are without a shadow of doubt absolute beasts in terms of performance. The materials used in making them, the cushions used to provide support, traction, and grip are just marvelous.
  • The Way of Wade 7 is just too versatile and strong in their build which means that even after prolonged and excessive abuse, they are going to stay as it is and not break and give away that easily.
  • Another thing that attracts people towards the Way of Wade 7 is their fitting- which is a factor that not many manufacturers pay attention to leading to players having to resort to techniques and resources for the shoes to stick with their feet. It is not uncommon to witness that a given size is small and a size above that becomes too loose for the feet. But that is not the case with the Li-Ning Wade shoes.
  • The soles of the Wade 7 shoes are just too comfortable- something that is felt the moment one steps into them.
  • Way of Wade’s 7th edition proves to be a major markup than its 6th edition in terms of shock absorption. Where a lot of sneakers and manufacturers provide equal amounts of cushioning and padding to the entire body of the shoes, Way of Wade takes it up a step. There is no doubt that the heels of the feet have to bear the maximum pressure while playing and thus have to be given extra comfort. Realizing this fact, Way of Wade’s 7th series provisions a heel crash pad to account for the same.
  • The comparatively large forefoot makes the Li-Ning Wade shoes really uncomfortable for casual usage.
  • A lot of users have come up with the fact that the badminton shoes are not at all breathable i.e. there is a minimal exchange of air between the inside and the outside environment.


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