Saturday 24 July 2021
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Cycling Through the Winter

In most situations, cycling is the most environmentally-friendly and efficient way to get around. Cycling is more efficient than driving not only because it requires less energy, but because it also consumes far fewer resources. You can get to work or the store without burning a single fossil fuel; that’s a great way to get around that does not hurt the environment. However, cycling is not without its drawbacks. Namely, cycling requires you to be out in the elements. During the summer, cycling will put you out in the heat and sun. You will have to find ways to brave the heat. Usually, this means buying high-quality cycling gear.


Quality Cycling Gear

Quality cycling gear is gear that will wick sweat away from your body. Sweating does not reduce your body temperature in and of itself; your body temperature lowers when the sweat evaporates. Moisture-wicking fabric helps speed up that process. However, the winter has far more concerns.

During the winter, you need to stay warm but also breathable; there is a very delicate balance you have to achieve. Winter cycling gear needs to keep you warm while you’re riding; however, if you stay too warm, you will start sweating. Sweating during the winter is a problem because it can lower your body temperature very quickly. The answer is warm material that is also breathable. A lightweight but warm long sleeve cycling jersey form the base of any winter cycling outfit.

Winter Cycling Outfits

A winter cycling outfit should be built in layers. Layers allow air to pass through between your layers of clothing, but they still keep you warm. Also, layers allow you to add or remove items as appropriate. You need to maintain the balance between being warm but not actually hot. If you are getting too warm, you can remove a layer to keep from sweating. If you are cold, you can add a layer to warm up.

Your winter cycling outfit should consist of warm socks; you should buy cycling-specific socks because they are going to have flat seams that don’t irritate your skin. Also, cycling-specific socks will be warm without being overly thick; fitting thick socks into cycling shoes is sometimes a serious problem. Also, you should have cycling shorts and tights that are designed for winter. Tights designed for cycling through the winter are absolutely essential; they will be as warm as you need without being overly thick. Then, you should have a base layer cycling jersey. You can also add another jersey or two on top of that one if you need to be warmer. Many people simply choose a cycling jacket. The jackets are great because they are built to be flexible and roomy without actually being baggy. They will conform to your body without restricting your motion.


Cycling Comfortably

Cycling is a great way to get around no matter the time of year. During the summer, you need to stay cool. During the winter, your concern is a little more balanced. During the winter, you need to stay as warm as possible without actually getting so warm that you sweat. Dedicated cycling gear is great for striking that balance.

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