Wednesday 18 September 2019
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What are the top reasons to love football?


Football is a game that has fans all over the world. Not any other game, has such a wide fanbase. There are several reasons as to why people love this game so much.

  • Brings people together

When it comes to football, it is all about the team. The fans of the team gathered together at a place and start cheering for their favorite teams. One can say that football makes sure to bring people closer, friendships stronger. If in case, people are not able to get together in a place due to some professional commitments, they use sites like to get regular updates and stay connected.

  • A game for both body and mind

Football can only be played if the players have a great mind and a strong body. The strategies are the game changers. This is one of the best parts of the game. The game has never stopped evolving. There are a lot of changes that have been imbibed in the game over the past few years.

  • Can never be a dull moment

One cannot just take a break even for a minute or two as the scores keep changing at a rapid rate. This keeps the audience glued to their seats and watches the match fully.

  • The best form of entertainment

Though there are other forms of entertainment like music, movies etc., very few can match up to the thrill that is provided by games like football. If one wants to brighten up their mood after a tiring day at work, a game of football would do the needful.

  • Country’s football team pride

The World Cups are the matches which are looked forward to by fans around the globe. The winning of the cup symbolizes that their team is the best in football. This increases the pride of the team players as well as the fans towards their motherland.

  • Grown-up playing football

There can hardly be any kid who hasn’t played a game of football throughout his life. The game has influenced everyone’s life to a great extent. This increases the likeness towards the game and makes them not to miss even a single match played by their favorite team.

It is a surprising fact that both the 90s’ as well as the 2000s’ kids like Football. The 90s’ kids didn’t have much exposure to video gaming as the 2000s’ kids who did not go and play out as much as the 90s’ kids. The game of football had also made its foray into the world of video gaming and has impacted even the 2000’s kids. Thus, the game has made its mark everywhere.

Now, these are some of the reasons why the game is adored.


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