Saturday 15 August 2020
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Know some basic terms of sports betting


The internet has made our lives a lot more easy ever since its inception. Earlier while we had to leave our house to go and gamble, we can now just sit and home and place our bets. The internet has proved to be an amazing tool for people who want to indulge in sports betting. There are loads of information available on the internet that helps sports bettors.

The internet offers a variety of different sports betting online services. These sites are open 24 hours a day, offer amazing odds and sometimes they also offer sports bettors free cash. This usually happens in games like hockey, golf,auto racing, tennis, horse racing etc. There are also sportsbook which offer signup bonuses and re- deposition bonuses.

While sports betting offer a lot of excitement, it can confuse a person who has never placed a wager before. There are some commonly used terms which are used in sports betting. By knowing these terms one will be better informed and will have a clear idea about sports betting.

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  • Arbitrage- it is an activity where the bettor simultaneously places bets at many sportsbook on all the possible outcomes of the event at odds which guarantee profit.
  • The bookie – the bookie is the person who is the centre of the betting. Also known as the bookmaker, this person accepts the bet and also pays out the winners.
  • Bankroll- It is the total amount of money that is available for sports betting.
  • Chalk- in sports betting, chalk refers to a favourite. It is usually a heavy favourite.
  • Circled game – this is a type of game in which the betting limits have been reduced by the sports book because of factors like weather or injured players
  • Futures- it is a type of wager which involves the result of a season or how a specific player or team will perform during that season
  • Hook- a half- point
  • Line – the odds or point spreads on a event or game
  • Lock- an easy winner or a bet which cannot lose
  • Match-up proposition -often used in golf and auto racing, it is an event in which two players are pitted against each other
  • Nickel- $500
  • Parlay- a type of bet in which at least two or more events must happen in order to win. If even one of them does not happen, the wager loses
  • Point spread – it is the number of points which are added or subtracted from the actual score of the team for betting purposes.
  • Sports book-it is a part of a casino which accepts bets on athletic contests
  • Vigorish- it refers to the commission that the bookmaker charges.

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