Wednesday 18 September 2019
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Multi-station Piece of Equipment for Trainers to Use

A punching bag stand is often the best alternative to attach to a wall or ceiling. This especially is true in a rented apartment; you are not allowed to drill in walls or ceiling. Also, in fitness room are suitable box stands. Some of these offers great extra, such as a chin-up bar or a fixing option for a corn pear.

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What should one pay attention to?

Since punching bag stands are often large, you should have enough space to set it up. Another important point to look for is that the stand for the punching bag is sturdy, stable as well as durable. So, he can put away the stress during training. Some punching bag stands are weighted with dumbbell weights, so they have a footing that is secure. You need to use this as a weight plate stand. Also, many stands provide a place to hang a corn pear which a Speedball is called. On some models is also a chin—up bar or a dip station integrated into the punching bag stand.

Alternative to wall and ceiling mounts

You want to Standboxsack boxing training and have already chosen the right punching bag. But then you will need a place to hang the punching bag. If you have no way to attach a punching bag to the ceiling or wall, a punching bag stand can be a worthwhile alternative. You do not need to drill the ceiling or the wall here.

Who is interesting in a stand for the punching bag?

Train Hard Multi-station weight bench dumbbell dipping station with punching bag holder and dumbbell stand including punching bag 80cm. This punching bag stand is real and has multiple uses. The stand is high quality processed. Its sturdy steel construction makes it very stable. Another great feature is the hinged weight bench with long-handled drawer. In addition, this box stand has a chin-up bar and dipping station. An 80 cm long punching bag is also included in this set. The punching bag is filled and weights about 25kg.


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