Saturday 19 June 2021
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Work Hard, Win & Celebrate


Celebrating victories can provide positive reinforcement to everyone in the team. Perhaps you failed to achieve a goal, but it doesn’t mean that you didn’t work hard for it. When you celebrate, the body produces more endorphins and you feel great.  Not celebrating your accomplishment is equal to robbing yourself of a good feeling that supports your success. If you are not celebrating your victories, you’re training your brain that what you’re doing is not important. You will stop giving your best and that will lead to poor results. It will lead to a feeling of emptiness, which will result in decreased performance and less focus over time.

Celebratory events not only strengthen the positive aspects of whatever you’re doing. It also positions your business properly as a desirable company that others would like to establish relationships with. Celebrating with business partners and colleagues also makes your network stronger. There are a lot of physiological and psychological benefits in acknowledging your victories, but you will enjoy more benefits when you expand your network to include your business partners and colleagues. Your celebration is contagious and the people around you also want to experience this success.

New opportunities and ideas can be formed as well. You feel you can do anything when you’re at your peak. When people are surrounded by others who are also at their peak, it is natural to seek ways to reinforce their network and collaborate with other successful individuals. Celebrating your Baseball victories with a baseball medal hanger  also helps you develop a success mindset. Your mindset plays an important part in your success.

Having a success mindset requires cultivation. Visualization and affirmations are important, but celebrating your success is another way to develop this outlook. You should focus on what you have accomplished instead of thinking about a long list of what you still need to do. No matter how small an achievement may be, you should take the time to celebrate it and develop a success mindset.

If you have medals, you shouldn’t leave them in your drawer or cabinet. You should display them and one of the best ways to do so is to use a medal hanger. Visit and pick from the medal hangers offered at the store. You can also get a custom made medal hanger from Victory Hangers. Displaying your medals is a good way to motivate yourself and everyone in the team to continue moving forward.

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