Tuesday 7 July 2020
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An Insight into the Origins of the Milwaukee Brewers


One of the most popular NBA teams of Wisconsin is the Milwaukee Brewers. This team has fans not only in the USA but across the world as well. Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of The Milwaukee Brewers and he says that he is not only interested in their game highlights and news but he also loves their glorious historical past as well. He says that this team derives its name after the famous brewing industry in the city. The home games of the team are played at The Miller Park since 2001. The seating capacity here is for 41,900 spectators. He says that many people both young and old love to watch NBA games and their favorite teams in action. However, only few fans are aware of this amazing history of the team. He says that when he is with people and NBA fans he shares with them both present day and historical facts. Besides The Milwaukee Brewers, he says his other Wisconsin teams are The Green Bay Packers and The Milwaukee Bucks. Both these teams are iconic teams and he keeps track of their updates as well.

Creation of the Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers was founded in 1969. It was called the Seattle Pilots and was an expansion team of The American League. The home games of this team were played at the Sick’s Stadium. However, it could only play for a single season. This team later relocated to Milwaukee and its name changed to The Milwaukee Brewers. The home games were played at The Milwaukee County Stadium. The team became a member of the NBA in 1998. It is the sole franchise that played in 4 divisions since the arrival of divisional play in the Major League Baseball tournament that took place in 1969.

Becoming a victorious team

The Milwaukee Brewers made its appearance in the World Series in 1982 and after it won at the ALCS against The California Angels, it lost to St. Louis Cardinals in the Series. However, it played against The Arizona Diamondbacks at the NLDS and won. So, its loss at the NLCS to the Cardinals obviously came as a great disappointment to its fans.

After playing for one season, the team was purchased by Bud Selig in a court of bankruptcy. He was instrumental in moving this team to Milwaukee. The team was a part of The American League till 1997. It later became a member of the National League Central Division.

After much sweat and toil, for the first time in 26 years, The Milwaukee Brewers started to play well and they advanced as a wild card entry in the National League post-season game. They were again eliminated by the Philadelphia Phillis in the World Series. Sandy Petrocelli said that it was in 2011 that this team managed to bag the division title. They later on went on to win 5 games against the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, they were unsuccessful when it came to defeating the champions St Louis Cardinals in 6 games.

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