Saturday 15 August 2020
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Are mobile betting apps the death of the traditional bookmaker?

It is not surprising that most applications are now going mobile, leaving their website-only versions behind. Mobile apps have changed the game for almost every field or industry. Every website that sells products or services has an app and betting on sports is no different either. There has been a rise of sports betting apps by a dozen which is giving the traditional bookie and even betting online on the websites a slow death. Why wouldn’t it? Since it is so convenient, easy and you don’t have to deal with a traditional bookie to bet on your favourite team or horse.

It is only a little amount of time that traditional bookmaking will be obsolete while betting companies will be having their own apps where people can easily do their wagers.

The best part about getting these apps is that the users can stream or watch the game live and bet accordingly through their app while sitting on the couch or anywhere else.  The stats and continuous updates on the app will help the users to determine and bet on their team very easily.  

The betting business has kept itself abreast of the changing and emerging trends in Australia as well. Bluebet Australia is one of the leading bookmaking agencies in Sydney run by Michael Sullivan and it is one of the very few bookmaking firms that have their own betting app. Staying ahead of the game is what the betting business is literally about therefore any technology that can enhance the betting experience and outcome are what the corporate betting companies are looking for.

Apps also feature mock bets and practice sessions for those who are starting out or are new to betting (especially online betting) in order to ease the bettor into the waging experience and get better at it. They will also be able to stream the game via the apps and make their moves accordingly. The apps are coming in both iOS and Android format to cater to everyone who is interested in sports betting.

While all this is fine for the tech-savvy people, the main question arises: Will the traditional bookie be a thing of the past if the apps take over?

Well that is a bit of a mixed bag since there are many people who still prefer the traditional way of betting and wagering. And to answer simply, it is a yes in the long run but for now it is progressing towards a slow and steady death of the traditional bookie. The only way to survive is to join the app bandwagon as well before they become obsolete.

Website based betting is also slowly becoming an old thing now because almost everybody has a smart phone now and according to a research, there will be an increase of 100 million betters using app-based gambling in the next 5 years.


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