Tuesday 7 July 2020
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Everything You Want To Know About IGF-1 Steroids!

IGF is the short for ‘insulin-like growth factor’. It is also known to many as somatomedin C. In more simple terms, IGF is similar to insulin, as far as molecular structure is concerned. This is an important growth hormone, which has a significant impact on growth and development. Here are some of the other details.

Knowing IGF better

There are three kinds of protein hormones that are similar to the insulin hormone. The first one is IGF 1, while the other two are IGF-2 and IGF-3. All three variants are controlled by the growth hormones in the body, which are produced by the pituitary gland. IGF 1 has been linked to bone and muscle development, and no wonder, it’s popularity among bodybuilders has only increased with time. Besides muscle gains, it can add to strength and endurance, as well. Just like steroids, IGF 1 has been banned by many sporting authorities. If you check online, you will realize that most of the products that contain this protein are promoted for bodybuilders, but that doesn’t mean that these are safe for everyone.Image result for Everything You Want To Know About IGF-1 Steroids!

Things to note

IGF-1 proteins prevent losses in muscle mass, and therefore, it is often used by fitness enthusiasts, who don’t want to use anabolic steroids. It is found in a number of products, including deer antler velvet supplements. However, you have to understand that the bodybuilding benefits haven’t been verified as yet, at least not in the available studies. Nevertheless, patients who are dealing with low HGH may get some benefits with these supplements.

Be cautious

Any product that impacts the endocrine system and affects the hormonal balance should be used with care. You can check online to know more about IGF-1 LR3 side effects. No product is completely safe, but some of the adverse effects of such supplements can be minimized by following the instructions for dosage and use. Do not use these steroids for longer periods, as these can lead to liver damage. The dosage and the way you use the steroid has a big influence on the results and side effects.

A better idea is to talk to a physician, who can also guide on certain hormone tests. Don’t rely on steroids for your health and fitness needs. Unless you focus on your diet and workout plan, it’s hard to get the right results. Also, bodybuilding is a matter of effort, so don’t give up early.

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