Saturday 15 August 2020
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Different GPS Golf Rangefinders

Getting a rangefinder can significantly improve your game. It could be the difference between choosing the right club and the wrong club for the distance that you are attempting to hit. It also can help you determine what the slope is near the pin so that you can get your ball as close to the hole as possible, while also being accurate.  You do have to remember the regulations though that they may not be able to be used during tournaments (generally they are not except when local rule is enforced) but they can help with your weekend games and to up your game in tournaments as well. You can find many different rangefinders at Top Golf Rangefinders and here are a few, specific to GPS ones here.

Garmin Approach G8

This one, will set you back about $380 but it’s pretty, so that should make up for it.  It has a large 3” touchscreen that shows the course which is really nice. It also will give you advice as to which club to use based on how far you hit the ball with each club. It can also point you in the right direction even when you cannot see the pin so that you are at least going the right way. This is what separates lasers from GPS  is the idea that you don’t need to necessarily see where you are aiming. For the money you are getting a nice piece of equipment to add to your bag.Image result for Different GPS Golf Rangefinders

Voice Caddie VC300

At $130, this is well below the cost of the Garmin but it also a simpler looking device. This one is light enough to clip onto your hat even and provides distances to the front, back, and middle of the green. It will also speak to you in one of eight different languages. This one is the smallest and lightest one available and is hands free as well. It can offer you 30,000 courses that are preloaded so just make sure that yours is one of that immense number and you’re set. If you want a bare bones GPS model, this would be the choice to look at.

POSMA GT2 Golf Trainer Watch

You might be confused as to what a watch is doing on this list. But, this watch also doubles as an activity tracker, as well as a rangefinder.  How convenient to have multiple options in one device. It can track your score as well as the distances from your current position as well as how far you hit the previous ball.  It is waterproof (but don’t take a swim with it) and uses a rechargeable battery that will get you through 8-10 hours of play per charge (or 8 days in watch mode).  This will run you about $92.  

These are three very different options for a GPS rangefinder. The idea is that because it measures via GPS it doesn’t have to be something traditional looking that you have to use the viewfinder for; it can be in a watch. So if this is the route you want to take, check out other options as well, because there are tons and they will range in prices as well so you should be able to find one that fits your budget.

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