Tuesday 29 September 2020
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Find The Right Sports betting Choices

If the bookmaker sees that more bets are made on one of the outcomes of the event than on the opposite, then it automatically adjusts the odds. Imagine a situation where the initial odds for Liverpool’s victory over Chelsea were 2.3 and already contained the office margin, and when loaded, it decreased to 2. Liverpool is still able to beat Chelsea in the upcoming game, but due to the popularity of this prediction, others players will lose a significant part of their winnings if they place a bet.

The bookmaker has more money

The 메이저 사이트 bookmakers are ready to accept 10 times more bets than they currently accept. They have enough money to meet all the betting demands of the players. At first glance, this does not seem to be a problem, but the psychology of the players is such that, having won once or several times, everyone comes back to bet again. In most cases, this will continue until a lot or all is lost. And the bookmaker will still have enough money to continue accepting bets and wait for a financial advantage in his favor over the average player.

Now sports are the most competitive and unpredictable

Despite the fact that analytical programs are now highly developed and there are plenty of specialists and experts in modern sports, sports are becoming more and more unpredictable. Every season in football, hockey or any other sport creates sensations, remember Leicester in the English Premier League, Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL, Motorist in the KHL, Naomi Osaka at the US Open and others! Sport is becoming as competitive as possible and making predictions at this time becomes more and more difficult. If bookmakers do not reflect the complexity of forecasting in any way, then the players are at greater risk.

Complex differing bookmaker rules

Bookmaker rules differ from each other. This is not a big problem, you just need to study them carefully before starting betting. But some bookmakers extract a certain minimum percentage of profit precisely because of their own rules for accepting bets.

The dangerous attraction of express trains and systems

System and express 안전 놀이터 bets attract players with their odds, but they are a sign of their lack of professionalism. Bookmakers receive a significant part of their income from unsuccessful bets by express trains or systems.


Nothing helps a bookmaker to take money away from players like excitement! Risky bets at slightly higher odds , large bets, hasty bets, bets in a fit of emotion – all this only enriches the bookmaker’s offices.

Distracting promotions and bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are not always a gift from the bookmaker to their players. There are bonuses, in pursuit of which you can lose all the money, and if you figure it out, they were not at all worth fighting off. The same is with some promotions – bookmakers only increase the excitement of bets, and promotional prizes fully cover the losses of players during promotions.

Players who cash in on promotions and bookmaker bonuses are called bonus hunters. And even by their rare choice, one can judge that most promotions and bonuses are not worth your attention.

However, there are exceptions – bonuses that can really help increase the initial deposit or even try yourself in betting for free. Here is an example of such a bonus.

Security service

If the player decides to win money from the office in an unfair way, surebets, line errors, and so on, he will be stopped and blocked as quickly as possible. The economic security of bookmakers today has reached a colossal level, so only especially gifted players will be able to deceive them and not always.

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