Friday 14 May 2021
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How to Choose your Badminton Racket String

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One of the skills that you need to develop as a badminton player is selecting the right string and string tension for your racket. While mastering this skill will take time, start smart with the valuable knowledge shared in this post.

Apart from mastering the drop shot and smash shot, a badminton player also needs to master the art of selecting the right strings and string tension for their racket. While buying string for badminton racket is as easy as placing an order online, a lot goes into making the right selection.

This is especially true because the string you select, and its tension has a significant impact on your performance. You’d surely not want your game to suffer just because you picked the wrong string or tension.

So, how to select the right strings for badminton racket? Let us have a look-

Basic Terminology and Facts About Badminton Strings and Rackets

Before helping you to choose the right badminton strings, let us first go through some basic yet critical facts and terminologies-

  • Strings of a badminton racket stretch. It is due to this that the strings start losing tension after some time. This loss of string tension is known as “tension creep”.
  • Just like cricket bats, badminton rackets also have “sweet spot”. This is that part of the string bed that gives most power.
  • Low tension strings have a bigger sweet spot, making them an ideal choice for beginners.
  • High tension strings are known to offer better control and power. However, the sweet spot with high-tension strings is smaller. This makes them a better choice for more experienced players.
  • Strings for Beginners

Players who’re new to badminton do not have the technique for consistently hitting the shuttle on the sweet spot. As a result, the larger the sweet spot is, the better it is for new players.

So, if you’re new to badminton, it is better to purchase racket that has low-tension strings. If you just want to replace the strings, go for 0.7mm gauge strings and set them at 18-22lbs. tension. Low tension strings are also known to be more durable and are less prone to breakage.

  • Strings for Versatile or Intermediate Players

If you’re a versatile or intermediate player looking for a combination of power and control, you’re better off with a medium sweet spot and medium string tension.

You can buy 0.7 or 0.69mm gauge strings made from multifilament material and set them at a tension in the range of 21-25lbs. This will ensure that your racket delivers power, control, and durability.

  • Strings for Advanced Players

Advanced players have better wrist action and understand the techniques for consistently hitting the sweet spot. What they need is more control and power in their shots. As a result, they generally prefer high-tension strings with a smaller sweet spot.

If you’re a professional player, go for 0.69mm or 0.68mm gauge badminton racket string with the tension in the range of 25lbs. and above. However, high tension strings are highly prone to breakage and are less durable.

Game. Set. Match

These are the basics of selecting the right strings for a badminton racket. Most of the selection depends on your expertise and playing style.

If you’re new to badminton, go with a low-tension string setting and then increase the tension by 1lb. as you progress. This will ensure that the string tension is in line with your badminton mastery.

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