Friday 14 May 2021
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What all you need to carry on a cycling holiday? A comprehensive packing list is here

So you have planned a cycling holiday and wondering what all you should take with you. If you are struggling to decide on the items you have to carry in order to make the trip successful, this section will help you. Prior planning will make the trip easier and more enjoyable. Prepare the list of items you require during your cycling holiday in Calpe days before. Some of the must-carry items are your camera, food and sufficient water bottles, extra clothes and winter wear if it is a winter cycling holiday. Besides this, you have to consider bike hire Calpe much before the travel begins. Basing on the duration of the tour and who all will move along with you, you may be required to carry more items.

For the first time travelers, hitting the roads on a two-wheeler, it is better to take a group tour. This way, even if you miss out certain items, you can get help from others. Apart from this, you also need to think about the activities you will take up. Will it be simply a cycling tour of 2-3 days or you are to stay there for more than a week. If the duration is longer, you would want to shop, dine and visit places of tourist attraction. If you have a few non-cyclists in the group, you will certainly explore the region in the evening. For this, again you need proper walk shoes.

Stuffs you need to pack

There is no need to deck yourself up with the entire cycling kit. You may settle for comfy padded shorts while on the two-wheeler. All throughout the cycling holiday, you are sure to stay comfortable wearing padded shorts. Book bike hire Mallorca from BERGANTY BIKES, the name you can trust in the realm of bike rental services. It is crucial to carry a helmet to save from accidents. Some of the items you need to carry are given below:

1. padded shorts and padded seat

2. a waterproof coat in case there is a downpour

3. cycling shoes you are comfortable using

4. a helmet to protect from accidents

5. sunglasses

6. sunscreen lotion

7. food and water bottles

8. first aid kit in case there is an injury

9. a mobile phone charger

10. boots or walking shoes if you want to stay on your feet for longer hours

11. additional pedals and saddles

12. all your documents including passport

13. travel insurance

14. sufficient cash

The above-mentioned names are just an outline of the items you have to carry. These are important ones for every cyclist. Besides these, you may also need a universal plug adapter, a map carrier and books. You can take a notebook to jot down the experiences and the places you have traveled, the people you have come across and similar. Cycling holidays are interesting and exciting only when you are prepared.

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