Thursday 19 July 2018
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How to Find the Best Horse Racing Odds Online

Horse betting has been there for centuries now. This tradition has been carried through the ancient times of the Romans. Although changing it is also a most common part of the era. Horses are a true symbol of power, nobility, and strength. And that is why it was a favorite sport of the Royal kings. Several places still exist where horse betting is done and many people take their time in enjoying the sport. But the sport has been modernized with introducing online betting systems. We can help you find out the right horse racing odds in the following ways.


Starting prices

This is commonly known as the S.P. they are the odds on offer for the final moments before the racing starts in the on-course market. This helps to settle the bet if a specific price has not been used.

Board prices

They are also called live shows. They are available 15 minutes before the closing time of the races. They are the ones which represent the betting market directly from the racing track. They are also relayed in the betting shops. People who want to bet can choose the price that they want in horse racing online. The prices are generally prices that are fixed odds. The fixed odds changes during the run-up to the closing of the races.

Anti-post prices

The betting is done on the days, weeks, and months of the event in advance. If the selections in the race become non-runners that mean that the person is losing the bet.

Betting forecast prices

They are a feature of the newspaper race cards and gives an indication of the betting that would be held. The tissue prices are in the access of the bookmakers which is a more detailed guide for knowing how the betting prices are going to be marked-up.

Early bird prices

The early prices are a common term for the horse racing. They are betted before the board prices come from the racing tracks. The online bookmakers are allowed to bet on the mornings when the race takes place.

The above-mentioned ways are the best to find the odds of horse racing online. If you feel doubt at any point you can surely follow the tips mentioned above.

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