Sunday 31 May 2020
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Sportswear is the new style statement!

Style has been evolving with time and has been the key factor in the way we look today. The fashion industry has been able to put together such beautiful pieces of clothes and accessories that we have always found a new way to express ourselves. With the emergence of sportswear, there was a time when people were radically shifting to wearing only sports style wear for their workout sessions, walks or running time but there has been a shift ever since sportswear made its way into daily fashion.

Sportswear is no more a style that you take to your Yoga class or gymnasium. Sportswear today has come as a trend which plays a big role in everyday fashion. With the introduction of the latest design clothes and accessories, one shall notice that an addition of the sporty feel subside the designs making it feel chic and trendy! Hence if you want to level up your style game it is the sportswear that shall help you figure out how! With these little wonders of sportswear making its way into major style options you can definitely add to the latest trends and earn points on that fashion meter. Shop following sportswear from Deal Voucherz for huge savings!

  1. The white sneakers

Even since Adidas came up with their signature range of laced-up style sneakers in white colors, the fever for the white sneakers caught the world like fire! These sneakers were introduced as a part of the trainer look named as the ‘Superstar’ shoes which soon became a rage and was included into everyday styling. From casual denim looks to even pairing it with the short dresses people came up with their own versions making this sport wear a style statement. The craziness took so much saying that there were people wearing it below sarees, with their formal shoes and even as a lounge option. The trend is on and if you feel you need style uplift right now just put your hands on a pair of White Sneakers which is now available in almost every brand!


  1. Fashionable sportswear tees

By now you must have spotted the sportswear tees that have been doing rounds in the brand shops. With special single or double white stripes around the waist or sleeve area, these casual tops and tees make for a good casual outfit with a sporty addition. You can easily match them up with a pair of denim or even the tracks when you go out running, wear it to office over a simple pair of trousers and in any way, you shall be on trend!

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  1. Track culture

The market is flooded with track pant and joggers collection so much that we all own a pair of it for sure. Giving you a perfect casual vibe these star designs are available in even denim to let you feel casual yet accommodate for a stylish wear. Adding in a little sporty touch to denim made us fall in love with the denim joggers which are surely a style statement today! Pick one of the denim joggers and pair it with a sporty tee and you rule the streets for sure!


  1. The backpacking!

There is always a time to fetish over things and the fashion industry is currently going ga-ga over the backpack collections. These little bags are soon replacing the purses and totes while being the most carried design purses today. They add in the comfort of travel while bringing back a little sporty feel too. Again, a reason to love sportswear!


  1. Bomber jackets!

It’s been ages that we have been picking up bomber jackets for our training sessions, running, jogging etc. never knowing that someday we will be wearing them for a fashion parade. The new avatar of the bomber jackets has been ruling the style world with colors like pinks, pastels, greens, and blacks which match with almost any outfit and make it a different look. As good to they go with the casual denim look they let you flaunt your dress in style too. Put your hands on one of the bomber jacket designs and you are sure to make heads turn!

Sportswear was originally just designed to be worn around when it was time to work out and sweat while burning those calories. But with the fashion uplift not only has the sportswear for the workouts become trendier but they have also made entry into everyday styling. If you aren’t carrying one of the sportswear looks well you aren’t style updated yet!


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