Thursday 9 July 2020
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The Finest Choices in Learning Football

Every normal person wants to be beautiful, smart, fast, confident. And it is not for nothing that almost all the people of the world strive to play football. After all, this is the most famous game on the planet. New clubs open, thematic sites appear devoted entirely to this sport. Football originated in England in 1863. 

Football rules

The game runs 90 minutes, 2 halves of 45 minutes, plus extra time for each half. Players on the field should be 11 in one team and 11 in another. The ball is not in play if it has completely crossed the side line, the goal line or the goal line. A ball is considered to be scored if it has completely crossed the goal line, while if the team that scored a goal did not violate the rules of football. The offside position is determined if the player is in the opponent’s half of the field, is behind the opponent’s players, with the exception of the goalkeeper, when the player passes the ball. With 해외축구중계 relay broadcast you can understand all now.

  • The referee may award a free kick if the player delays an opponent, rolls to his feet, without touching the ball, intentionally plays with his hand. The referee may show a yellow card to the player for unsportsmanlike conduct if the player often breaks the rules in the match. The judge can show the player a red card if he spits on the opponent, if he clearly violates the rules in the opponent’s goal situation, a penalty can be set for this. 
  • Or, if the violation was in his own penalty area, a penalty can be awarded if the player uses obscene expressions in his speech or receives a second yellow card in one match. Many now want to become better, want to play football better than their friend, and go to football sections. But do not rush into your choice. 

First you need to learn the rules of football, to understand whether this type of activity suits you. Perhaps, even because of your physique, you will not be able to play football. You need to remember that the most important thing is not awards and cups, but the most important thing is that you play football for your own sake, for the sake of your internal and physical health. If you entered the football section, you must complete the tasks of a coach. If you have proved to the coach that you are worthy of playing in the first team, you can help your youth team win awards. Further, when you grow up, you can play in your favorite team, then for your team, and finally at the World Cup. But this is with many guys only in their dreams. 

Last Words

But they strive for this, therefore, football has so many fans. In football, tactics play a major role. Football is a team game. In it, you need to set the most suitable tactics for this or that opponent. The most popular game scheme at the moment is the 4-4-2 game (four defenders, four midfielders, two forwards). There are a lot of schemes in football. Often in modern football, midfielders, and sometimes defenders, play the role of forwards. You play soccer for your own sake, for your internal and physical health. Stay healthy, play soccer.

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