Monday 27 January 2020
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The Internet and the Essential Database Options Now

If we say that today we cannot conceive our life without the Internet, surely many will agree. But what a clear improvement in our lives means can also pose a security risk.

In today’s post we will see a set of tips that will allow us to surf the internet with greater security and enjoy what technology puts within our reach.

Although we are going to mention a set of tips to navigate safely, the truth is that, if we use common sense when we browse or make economic transactions through the network, we will already be minimizing the risk. When it comes to the ๋จนํŠ€๋””๋น„ then it becomes perfect in every way in that database option now.

Let’s use different security solutions

The first thing to do is to have passive security software such as a good antivirus, a firewall and some anti-spyware tool. These types of solutions remain active in our team as we navigate analyzing possible threats and anticipating them.

Use known and trusted Wi-Fi networks

Usually we can connect in multiple free accesses WI – Fi networks or simply have a captive portal and authenticating through Facebook or similar we will have access to surf for free.

Well, we have to be aware of the vulnerability of this type of wife since the data packets that are transmitted through them can be easily detected by a hacker.

Let’s keep our system and applications updated

As new security threats appear, software manufacturers release security patches or updates that we must apply without hesitation to ensure a lower risk of vulnerability. This not only applies to the operating system, but also to installed applications.

Alert to the files we open

Daily we can be receiving files through the mail, downloading them from P2P networks or even directly from a web page. If we are not sure that it is a secure file or is sent by someone we trust, we must hesitate before opening it and analyze it beforehand to avoid possible damage.

Eye with what we download

If we want to download some software, it is advisable to do it directly from the manufacturer’s website. There are web pages that offer the software download and it contains malicious code that can be detrimental to our interests.

We do not access websites of doubtful reputation

Some websites mask malicious code and attract Internet users with attractive messages such as strong discounts, free software downloads, etc.

It is advisable to run away from this type of websites and when in doubt, investigate what experience other users have had with these websites by consulting on forums. They can be deceptive websites that for example sell us products that we will never receive.

Be careful with what links

Another aspect that we have to take care of is the links to which we click. If the link has reached us through a suspicious email, or they may even be in a message from a social network and we do not have a clear precedence, it is best not to use it because you can redirect to a malicious website.

Be wary of who asks us for personal or economic data

Another of the mistakes we can make is to rely on excess pages and links that lead us to fill in doubtful forms that do not ask for sensitive information such as username and password or financial data such as checking accounts or card numbers without any justification.

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