Sunday 31 May 2020
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A guide to sports sponsorship

Sponsorships are one of the most important aspects in the field of sports. Every team in the world of sports require a good sponsor to excel. From cricket to football, basketball to hockey every team in this entire world requires a sponsor. These days, even the players get their own sponsorships from various multinational companies throughout the entire world. Teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Crystal Palace have various big companies like Emirates, Chevrolet, and the number keeps going on. These sponsor companies use their logos in the jerseys and other accessories for their business and in turn, give them the money for the season.


Although to have a good sponsor for any kind of sports team is very necessary, but it requires lots of other conditions like the club should be performing well in their respective leagues, they should meet all the clauses provided by the company and much more. has created a revolution in the sponsorship history by sponsoring Crystal Palace, a leading football club. Every sports club must have a good sponsor – otherwise, it would not be able to excel its way in the field. With the money provided by the sponsors, the teams are able to pay the salary of all the players, coaches and everyone associated with the club.

To get a good sponsorship, a club must follow a few strict rules and regulations, without which the club will neither get a good sponsorship nor will be able to excel in their field. The following few lines will provide some information about the details:-

  • The team should be professional about everything.
  • They should have their own stadium, training ground and all other necessary things.
  • The team should identify its need and also what it can offer in the field before beginning the hunt for sponsors.
  • They should assign an eligible person who can take care of the entire sponsorship matter.
  • The team should always identify potential sponsors. Identifying a potential sponsor is very much important for any team.
  • After obtaining a good sponsor the team should look after sponsorship packages.

Even after obtaining a good and efficient sponsor, there are various other matters that the team should look after in order to reach new heights. The following points will surely lighten your mind up in this aspect:-

  • The sponsor logo should be on the jersey of the team. It should also be on the practice jerseys, staff jerseys, and all other accessories.
  • There should be a banner of the company at your home field, pool, court or wherever you play.
  • The sponsor’s logo and the company’s link must be provided at your website.
  • The sponsor’s logo must be included on all printed materials.
  • Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others should show their logo on your official or even fan pages.
  • A certain number of social media posts must include the information about the sponsor.
  • The sponsor’s company must be provided with their own information board at your sports events.
  • Sponsor giveaways should be distributed properly among the fans.

These few lines will help you to obtain a good and efficient sponsor for your club.

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