Sunday 31 May 2020
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Beginners Guide to bet on Horse Racing

Don’t you know about your bumpers from the jumpers, or your bays from the greys, or fitting fillies from the colts? Don’t worry at all. Here you are in the best spot on the web right now, here. Go ahead and read on.

Ancient Greek horse racing events and the related historical records and evidence dates back to 800 B.C. Horses are tamed since long time now, and being used for varied purposes by the human kind. Recreation is just one part of the usage. Some of the big horse races originated in the 17th century especially in the European countries and in some parts of the Middle Eastern countries as well.

Today horse racing in the UK is one of the main recreations for massive number of people from in and around the country. It is obviously one of the most watched and most betted games in the UK with the help of the Technological advancements that has come in today.

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Valuable Bet on Horses

Simple horse racing is called as the flat racing. Horses are free to run in straight line or even in the curved track as they please to do so. These horses are not well trained. Right after the shoot to run, the horses start galloping at desired pace. The first one those pasts the post emerges to be the winner in the event.

Hurdles and the steeple chases

These are the two major categories in the national level hunt. Steeple cases are tougher to manage for the new horses to the course. The fences to jump are taller in this case and also more rigid enough compared to the hurdles. There could be water jumps, and the open ditches to cross for the horses that are trained to do so, in the case of steeple chases. It is real tough to handle for the semi skilled horses. Bet on Horses are minimal in that case.

Types of Bet on Horses

Purse value and the horse’s quality determine the type of face. Flat racing and the national hunt means you are participating in the prestigious events with higher praises. Grade diminishes further with the decreeing numbers.

  1. National hunt
  2. Grade 1
  3. Grade 2
  4. Grade 3

In case you are beginning to bet on the horses, then you can start with the lowest grade initially to learn the pros and cons involved in the betting process.


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