Tuesday 1 December 2020
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What to Look For In Boxing Pants For Working Out

BoxingPicking the perfect pair of boxing pants for your workout is not an easy task. Will they slip off while working out? Will the pants stay dry enough during your training bouts?

Fit well

No matter what you are doing you need boxing pants that fit well so you are not worrying about other things during your workout. It is recommended that you find boxing pants [กางเกงชกมวย, which are the term in Thai] that can easily go from the gym to your commute home. There are some performance enhancing pants using Speedwick technology and helps to keep you comfortable and dry during your workout, while the fabrication that is lightweight letting you move easily.

Stays dry

An internal drawcord ensures that these pants stay in place during your boxing workout but are easy-to-wear lifestyle look out of the gym.  This Speedwick technology wicks sweat from the body to help you remain cool and dry with an internal drawcord for a fit that is custom.

Extra mobility

Some have a slim, structured look, with a gusset to offer extra mobility, and the tapered legs have a snug fit. The clothes you wear when you are boxing above all need to allow you to move quickly and easily. They are also going to get very sweaty. Many people will wear a hat backwards to soak up some of that sweat and keep it out of the eyes while training.


Above all, these clothes should be comfortable to you – not what others are wearing. If you are not comfortable, you cannot concentrate on building your boxing skills. Training clothes should always be what makes you concentrate best and not what everyone else is wearing. Plus, a lot of workout for boxing is done alone so it doesn’t matter what others think about what you are wearing. All that matters are they don’t fall off but tight enough to help you move quickly.

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